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About Tzu Chi

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation was established by Dharma Master Cheng Yen together with thirty housewives in Taiwan in 1966. Since its founding, Tzu Chi has striven to alleviate suffering, and has provided timely assistance to many in need. Not only does Tzu Chi give without expectation of reward, it gives with a heart of eternal gratitude. Love and kindness has spread from Taiwan internationally, where Tzu Chi has established roots in 62 different counties, extending a helping hand to over 100 regions. Steadfast in its missions, Tzu Chi has sowed the seeds of love, reflecting Taiwan’s charitable nature to the world.

For Buddha’s teachings, for all living beings

Tzu Chi has adhered to its founding principles for over half a century, inspiring the purity of the human spirit, joining the threads of love and paving the way, from its beginning and into the boundless future.

“May all souls be purified, may all of society be harmonious, may all the world be free of disaster”

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Inspired by the government’s household recycling program, Tzu Chi Brisbane’s recycling efforts revolve around collecting and sorting recyclables from businesses with whom a long-term close relationship has been cultivated.